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Which sells best - Loose or Packaged Wool Balls?

It depends on 2 questions; what type of store do you have? Are your customers more likely shopping for themselves or to give to someone else?

Zero Waste, Refillery, and Artisanal Soap Stores prefer selling them unpackaged. Whereas Gift & Specialty Stores prefer them in the clever "Barn Box" of 3 balls as it is easy to merchandise plus they are a useful and affordable gift.

Natural Health stores often sell both loose and packaged separately. The barn boxes are merchandised in the natural laundry section and the loose balls are displayed alongside essential oils to generate add-on sales.

Farm and General Stores often display our wool balls in bulk like fruits and vegetables in an apple basket or similar display (see our options). By allowing your customers to touch and choose their own wool balls it often results in buying extra to share with family and friends.

We also sell empty Barn Boxes to display with loose wool balls so your customers can both pick their own balls, and purchase a Barn Box for a gift.

TIP - If your POS system can manage it, consider offering bulk discounts if they buy them by the dozen (or a baker's dozen).

Why Carry All Three Colours?

We discovered in our early days selling at Craft and Farmer’s markets, that everyone has their own preference. We found, when given a choice, Grey was usually most popular by a Hare.

There’s also a group that prefers all 3 colours in their dryers. When asked why, one person said they liked the aesthetic of watching all 3 colours tumble in the dryer

TIP - It is proven with personal care, when offered a choice of 3 scents, people are 75% more likely to make a purchase than if they were only offered one. We think the same holds true for wool dryer balls.

The Power of the Lambs

Hard workers, our lambs’ Rupert & Flopsie will increase your wool ball sales by 2 to 3 times if left to watch over the flock. Kidding aside, displaying a lamb with your wool balls will draw people in and will start a conversation about wool dryer balls usually leading to a sale.

Ideas for Promoting Wool Balls and Contests

Wool dryer balls are a relatively new natural and innovative laundry solution that many people still are not aware of. It's the perfect product to build a promotion around to enlighten people about the benefits and promote sustainable laundry.

  • Name the Lamb Contest: A clever online promotion to launch Moss Creek Wool Works in your store plus generate high engagement. Credit to Gaspe Bay PQ retailer Mini - ma liste, who created this Facebook contest using a video to announce the launch of Moss Creek in her store. You may need to use your High School French or turn on the subtitles.
  • View her launch video See the draw for the Winner

  • GWP & Bundles: Create gift sets combining Wool Balls and Essentials Oils at a special price or offer a free essential oil with the purchase of 2-3 Barn Boxes.
  • Offer a Baker's Dozen Special: Create a deal when buying a dozen wool balls: 13 for the price of 12.