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We're on a mission to encourage eco-friendly drying and eliminate toxic dryer sheets. Our 100% wool dryer balls are hand made in Canada using wool sustainably sourced from the USA, Canada and the UK.

Moss Creek Wool Works was born from our desire to live a sustainable life and a passion for natural alternatives. Our roots started in Farmer and Craft markets. A true community-based company, our original production team was a group of stay-at-home parents, crafting during school hours.

As awareness of wool dryer balls grew, we realized it was time to set up a permanent workshop with a full-time team of Felters. Today, our dryer balls are sold across North America, Italy, UK, Sweden and even in Australia the home of Merino sheep.

We still make each dryer ball by hand one at a time, and we don't just make them for drying. Our customers shared how their dryer balls were ending up in their pet's bed, so we created a collection of wool balls for dogs and cats.

Thank ewe for sharing our Mission to promote sustainable drying and supporting wool producers who raise sheep for their wool, rather than meat.

P.S. We are always on the lookout for farms raising heritage sheep.
If you are a wool producer with long fiber fleece or roving, we welcome the opportunity to use your wool.